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19 Luglio 2012

Hello bees 🙂

So, this is the outfit I wore on the second day of Giffoni Film Festival.

I absolutely LOVE the Stefania Silvestri cherry-red tail-shirt!

I felt like a bohemian Little Red Riding Hood 🙂

I’m wearing:

Stefania Silvestri chiffon tee + tail-shirt

Vintage leather purse

H&M ring and necklace

Cotton & Silk purple basket shoes

Zara TRF jeans shorts








 Bee yourself! ?

  • Desert heels
    19 Luglio 2012 a 19:16

    love it!

  • thestylescroll
    19 Luglio 2012 a 19:24

    FABULOUS!!!! I love this! You look great

  • TheQueenBeetch
    19 Luglio 2012 a 20:27

    thanks hun 🙂

  • TheQueenBeetch
    19 Luglio 2012 a 20:28

    thank u bee ?

  • prettyfrenemy
    20 Luglio 2012 a 04:32

    Your necklace is so fab! Loves it! 🙂

  • Unknown
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