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6 Luglio 2012

Tiffany Blue Box?

New York jewellery company Tiffany & Co. recorded its own colour ? Tiffany blue ? in 1998.
The colour ? which is a particular shade of robin?s egg blue – bears the same number on the Pantone Matching System as the year Tiffany & Co. was founded (1837).
Since it?s a trademark private colour it is not publicly available and cannot be found in the Pantone swatches book.
The HEX code for this colour is #0ABAB5.

Tiffany’s Majestick necklace

It was the company founder Charles Lewis Tiffany who had chosen this shade for the cover of the Blue Book, first published in 1845. Ever since then, Tiffany blue has probably become the most famous colour in the world, especially in fashion and weddings . The company ? which celebrates its 175th anniversary this year ? has painted the whole world in blue: taxis, buildings, even carousels (in Hong Kong) and obviously the exquisite Tiffany Blue Box?, which has become an icon of luxury and exclusivity.

Tiffany’s taxi in London

Tiffany carousel in Hong Kong

Tiffany’s table 

[Photos courtesy of Tiffany& Co.]

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