Enrica Scielzo is a certified image consultant; she graduated with marks at Lookmaker Academy as well as being a professional makeup artist from BCM Milan.

Services as image consultant include:


Season color analysis was born in old Hollywood and is the basis of all the greatest stylists, costume designers and make-up artists on the planet. It is an objective method – which is not subject to personal taste or style – but it gives indications and strategies tailored to the client’s needs. With this service, we will observe the parameters of value, chroma and contrast of the face to identify our “color season” , which will help us understand which colors belong to us (“friend colors”) and how these must be used in clothing, makeup and accessories to enhance our natural beauty. A little beauty secret to appear younger, fresher and more rested even when we don’t wear any makeup!


Study of the figure, including lines and proportions of the body. We will identify a strategy to choose the garments and accessories that enhance our type od body by shape, material and size.

The Body Shape Analysis has nothing to do with the client’s personal style: it is an objective, morphological study which allows us to understand what suits best our body besides trends and fashion, and it is essential to create an harmonious, successful image of ourselves.

With this service, we will identify the strengths of our body, we will understand how to highlight them them through clothing, and we will see specifically the various types of tops, pants, dresses, bags, jackets and underwear that we should make sure we include in our wardrobe.


Similar to the Body Shape Analysis, the Face Shape Analysis is a specific study of the morphology of the face, and how to enhance it based on the shapes of eyebrows, hair, jewels, glasses, necklines and all types of accessories that concern this field.


An easy, fast and effective makeup session during which we will learn how to do makeup on ourselves with few products and few gestures for a passe-partout look that suits any occasion. We will identify what our needs are, and we will learn to use our friend colors to emphasize the natural beauty of our face through makeup.

This service is not only dedicated to those who cannot to their makeup at all, but also to those who are already skilled but want more fresh and more modern approach to their usual makeup: it is useless to know all the makeup techniques or perfectly blend an eyeshadow if we don’t know which shade to choose!

Personal Makeup is far from Kim Kardashian contouring style or Instagram tricks that are unnatural and grotesque effect in person, but is designed for real women who live in the real world and want to make the most of themselves everyday. The session will also include the day and evening makeup variants, with some extra tips for those who love to have fun experimenting with makeup.

To book this service, it is essential to have done the color analysis previously.


In-depth study of the look completely dedicated to the hair: analysis of shape, color, styling with concrete examples linked to the reference color season and face shape. To book this service, it is essential to have done the color analysis and face book previously.


In-depth study of the hand with related tips to make it look its best,: choose the right manicure, shape of the nail, color of nail polish, plus learn all about the different types of rings (stones, materials, shapes, sizes) that you suit you the best. To book this service, it is essential to have done the color analysis previously.


This includes color season analysis and the 3 analysis (face, body and hair) at a convenient price. Possibly best divided in more sessions to discuss with the client.

Analysis can be done in person or online, and it includes a personal clients file (or PDF file) with all the information that the client can rach for everytime they need, as a “purse consultant” to bring with you everywhere during your shopping sprees!

For more information, prices and to put together the style strategy that suits you the best, please send an email to escielzo@hotmail.it