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INNERview: Erica Fava

21 Dicembre 2012
Hello bees! :)
Here we are with the last INNERview of the year, and I really wanted to go out with a bang!
After models, food bloggers, makeup gurus, singers and designers, I?d love to introduce you one of my favourite photographers ever: Erica Fava.
Starting taking pictures with a wirelesss webcam, she?s got to be more and more known thanks to her Facebook and MySpace page ? becoming one of the most popular photographers in Italy.
Get ready to meet this self-made (and self-taught) Wonder Woman of photography.
Strike a pose!

Enrie: How did your passion for photography start?

Erica: My passion has totally started by chance. I accidentally got into photography because of an exam I had to take at University, and I?ve never really left it since then!

Enrie: What?s the inspiration behind your sets?

Erica: Sometimes I have brilliant days, and I come up with some ideas that I write down on a piece of paper or on my cell phone. Then, I start working on the moodboard – which helps me to explain to the others what I want to realize. But I have to admit there?s nothing in particular that really helps me finding the right mood for my projects!

Enrie: You have a peerless intuition, you?re able to foresee trends with much more advance than the others – you even got to photograph Andrea Cocco (the winner of the latest edition of the Big Brother Italy) before he was famous! The question is: how do you do? Do you go with the flow or is there a great study behind it?

Erica: I?m afraid I?m not Pippo Baudo, I do not discover anyone haha! I don?t know, when it comes to models I probably just can tell if there?s that something in them even if their current photos don?t show it very well! The question I make to myself is: ?Erica, could you do better?? and if the answer is yes, well then I contact them and that?s where it all begins?

Enrie: What are the requirements that you look for in a model?

Erica: I don?t think there?s any specific requirement, I just go through the composites of the model agencies and suddenly there?s something that catches my eye. I?m not a big fan of the ?nice? models, I prefer an edgy one!

Enrie: What is beauty to you?

Erica: An obsession!

Enrie: How would you define Erica Fava?s women?

Erica: I think I always portrait determined women, that even in the most romantic moments and gentle moves keep a strong and decisive gaze.

Erica Fava for Luisa Via Roma

Erica Fava for Luisa Via Roma

Enrie: Let?s think for the best: how would your ideal shooting be?

Erica: I absolutely have no idea! I always try to be down-to-earth, and for the moment I?ve stopped running after ?names? that I can?t afford right now. I?d like to shoot a brilliant work for Please ? it has a nice format and good paper.

Enrie: If you were commissioned the cover of Vogue USA and some promotional photos of Lady Gaga?s new album on the same day, what would you choose?

Erica: I hate Vogue USA and I love Lady Gaga? guess who?s the winner? :)

Enrie: What would you be if you weren?t a photographer?

Erica: I?d probably be a webmaster.


Enrie: What?s been the greatest satisfaction of your career so far?

Erica: Be recognized in a pub! Hahaha, just kidding! I think it was when I went to a kiosk in Milan and find that I was on 3 magazines at the same time! That felt amazing!

Enrie: A person you admire?

Erica: I admire those people that have the strength to go to work everyday at the same place ? probably a kind of strength that I?m missing somehow. That?s why I?ve chosen to be a freelance!

Enrie: What?s the con of being a photographer?

Erica: Sometimes I?d like to focus just on the photography itself, thinking of lights, shootings, colours – while I?m always spending hours to organize people, arrange the gear, sending emails? I do all of this very well, but at the same time it makes me so damn tired!

Enrie: Your mother is the famous Danish collagist Susan Legind. How much do you think her culture and art influenced you?

Erica: My mother has stimulated my creativity since I was very young, now we often exchange suggestions and ideas. We?ve built a very strong creative relationship.

Enrie: I know you?re planning to go to live in London. What do you like about this city?

Erica: Actually, I hate London, but I feel like it?s the city where my style could be most appreciated here in Europe. But if I could choose, I?d go to New York!

Enrie: What?s the weirdest thing that ever happened to you on a set?

Erica: Last week me and my team we got stuck in a limo for two hours while the police was carrying out some checks on the driver! Luckily, the shooting had just ended! And no, there was no mini bar in it if you’re wondering!!!

Enrie: What you?re dreaming for your future?

Erica: I?d love to shoot more and more overseas and I?d love to be represented by an important agency!

Enrie: Any New Year?s resolution?

Erica: Travelling, travelling and travelling, new inspirations and most of all? I?d love to have more time for my personal projects!!


We really wish you find it, Erica! Thanks for your time and we can?t wait to see your upcoming, amazing works!
You can follow Erica Fava on her official website and on her Facebook page!
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Enrie Scielzo by Erica Fava

Enrie Scielzo by Erica Fava

Stay beautiful and happy holidays! ?