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22 Luglio 2012

Hello bees :)

So here we go with my third look for Giffoni FIlm Festival.

Whoever said that black and brown together, must have understood basically nothing about fashion! I love this combo!!!

You can read more about my GFF experience on ChicZone.it blog – interviews, photos, reports and much more!

I?m wearing:

Zara T-shirt

Vintage leather belt

No brand jeans shorts

Rossella Carrara buttoned cuff

Chanel sunglasses

Zara leather bag

Converse recylced studded basket shoes








 Bee yourself! ?

  • His Fashion Blog
    22 Luglio 2012 a 23:41

    Lovvvvvving the tee & the glasses. Love the entire look! :) x

  • TheQueenBeetch
    23 Luglio 2012 a 03:10

    awwww thanks hun! :)

  • Unknown
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