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27 Ottobre 2012

Hi bees!
So, here we are with the second part of the BlizedOut event: the catwalk.

I must say that I was pretty impressed with the show, and I really enjoyed it!

BlizedOut is a new ?trendy and pop? fashion brand.

The name of the brand takes inspiration from The Blitz Club in London, a very popular club in the ?80s scene, attended by brilliant exponents from music and fashion world (Boy George, David Bowie, Wham!, Duran Duran – just to name few).

Although the brand is British, designers Anthony and Antonio decided to produce all their clothes and accessories in Italy.

 The collection is based on 4 different moods, so that anyone can choose who they want to be. You have more choice, and you can opt for a certain style or mix 2 or 3 together to create your personal one: ?We want people to express themselves and experience our ideas in their everyday life.? said designer Anthony, who has lived in London for 22 years. ?What I liked the most about that city was the high-street fashion. I loved the Versace and other designers? colorful clothing I saw on the street, but I wanted to redesign it and make it more accessible to everyone. We wanted to do something which would be at the right price, but still fun. So we started looking at what people were wearing in the magazines, on TV, on Facebook, to make a collection which was actually current. The question behind it was ?What people really want now??. And we?ve tried to give our answer. ?


The first mood is called Blitz Fans, and takes inspiration from high-street fashion and popstars like Jessie J or Rihanna. ?We wanted to create something similar to their look, those kind of things that you see on the magazines but you don?t know where to buy.?
It?s a rock style, with a little eye on the 80s (see the David Bowie shirts).

The girls modelled holding vintage vinyls, sporting leather jackets, fluo leggings and pop bright colours.

As accessories, a lot of stars, crosses and the Egyptian cross of life symbol: ?It represents life, and something which is eternal.?

The second mood is Praire Spirit, and it takes inspiration from the Native Indian Amercians. It?s a kind of indiefestival look, a little bit ethnic but still cool and relaxed. A lot of feathers, eagles, fringes and hints of blue, while orange is the leading colour is orange ? which is remarked by the hair and the eyebrows of the models.


Here we come to the Tea Party style, by far my favourite. Designers told me that it is inspired by the English tea habit and Kate Middleton. It?s the bon-ton style, and has a vintage twist to it.

It?s all about powdery pink and delicate shades, very classy but young and definitely not too grown-up.

The teapots necklace and belt were one of my favourite pieces from the collection, and I loved the pin-upesque dotted dress too!


Finally, Fantasy Islandis inspired by the 90?s and Versace. It?s all about tropical prints, kiwi greens and bright corals. It is dedicated to a fierce woman, who?s very confident with herself and wants to look sexy. I have to say this is the one I liked the least, but some pieces were really cool as well!

What do you think about that? I think they’re really cool, and I can’t wait to get my hands on 2 or 3 things I’ve seen 😀

After the show I?ve also managed to chat with creative director Sally Santangelo, to see which were the choices made for this show. HEre’s what she said to me: ?I think that the 80s are the era that redeems the least: they were just too much. I call them the baroque of the 20th century. I didn?t want to go for a purely 80s style, ?cause it would?ve been tacky and predictable. That?s why I?ve decided to take some elements from that age and revise theme in new, contemporary forms, especially the ones after 2008.

Also, I was thinking about the young audience this collection is addressed to: I think it?s very unlikely to think that 16 years old girls can dress up down the street like Lady Gaga or Rihanna, so the styling relates to everyday life. On TV and in music video everything is allowed, but this fashion is always concrete. It?s what a popstar would wear, but downgraded.?

 I must say that I was very impressed with this philosophy, ‘cause that’s exactly what I think 🙂

Philosophy that is extended even to the makeup and hair of the girls: platinum hair, minimal makeup, naked lips and nonexistent brows, for a sort of New Romantics look: ?I wanted very little makeup on the girls, to let the face of the girls come out. We wanted fresh faces, true faces.

For the bonton looks we got inspired by icons of beauty like MiuMiu, while a stress of colour were given only to the hair and eyebrows in the more casual looks, because the dresses are very important or they own, so we didn?t want to try too hard and fall into the d?mod?.?


So, definitely my compliments to BlizedOut and Diego Santangelo |||||| Studios for the show!
The comments from  the guests were definitely positive: the pink leather jackets, the chiffon tops and the bon-ton looks were the most appreciated.

It?s a flighty collection, fun but wearable, with some winning pieces, so definitely go and see!
You can follow BlizedOut on their brand new Facebook page.

 If you?ve missed the first part, you can click here to read it.

 I?ll soon post all the photos from the event on my official Facebook page, so make sure you check it out 🙂

 Stay beautiful! ?

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