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26 Ottobre 2012

Hello bees! How?s it going?

As some of you might know, last week I was kindly invited by Diego Santangelo |||||| Studios to a fashion show in Naples to present the launch of a UK fashion brand called  BlizedOut. It?s been such a great day, so I thought I would share with you some details of the event :)

Me and my assistant Martina left from Salerno to Naples, where our car was expecting us. It was such a sunny and hot day, perfect for the location chosen for the show at Arenile, a wonderful location by the sea! It was really gorgeous to be there ? especially consider that it was October but it still felt like summer eheh :)

As we arrived, me and the other fashion bloggers (sweet Valentina from CoopStyle and Virginia from The Ugly Truth of V) had to take part to a photoshoot with Daniele Fummo. I must say that I arrived a little late so I missed the makeup, but the hairstylist dyed my hair PINK!!! Hahaha! That was funny though :D


It was plenty of cool people and several guests, like Alessandro de Gais (from Bamba Up), lovely Anna Mazza and Kseniya Ohorodnik, the NSS, Mariangela Salzillo from Play Shop (love her!), BBJane, and deejay Peggy Gould from London (she is AMAAAAAZING!).

I wandered around the location watching a very exclusive sneak peek of the collection (I?ll share it with you these days!) and chatting with the charming people all around. I must say ? the buffet was incredibly good too! There?s nothing better than Italian mozzarella, I swear! :)

I also got to met Antonio and Anthony, the two designers of BlizedOut, and had an interview with them that I?ll soon post on this blog. There will also be a post about the catwalk and the clothes, so definitely check out TheQueenBeetch these days for more updates!

 I?d really like to thanks Diego Santangelo |||||| Studios for hosting me at the event, and in particular the creative head Sally Santangelo who?s incredibly nice and sweet and made it all so perfect for all the attendants!

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Stay beautiful!   ?